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Uniform System

Uniform Distribution - B2K

Managing and distributing work uniform means taking various criteria into account, ensuring efficiency 24 hours a day, tracking the garments and offering flexibility.

These aspects are efficiently solved by Metalprogetti's B2K Uniform System, the automated uniform management system for the automatic storage, conveying and distribution of work uniforms, garments, overalls, white coats, scrubs and the like. This system's first quality is to solve the problems linked to the traditional, static and manual way of managing a stock of garments

The B2K automated uniform management system eliminates all losses or mistakes and makes it possible to use the space and the staff assigned to that job in a more rational way. Nowadays, it has also becomes more and more important to identify each single work garment by an individual code, microchip or barcode, in order to rationalize the service's cost.

Metalprogetti's B2K system makes it possible to handle single garments thanks to software logic, which can be adapted to the type of users and to the service offered (customised garments or garments by size or both). The system not only deals with the automatic distribution of clean garments but it also allows the automatic drop-off of soiled garments. Each system can be equipped with one or more drop-off bins which do not require the user's identification. The drop off bins simply identifies the garment that has been dropped into it and automatically updates the user's credit. The system therefore keeps track of all garment movement and controls them. It allows the user to retrieve a clean uniform only if he or she has dropped off a coded soiled garment which the system had previously delivered to him or her.

The B2K system is completely modular; each system consists of a certain number of elements which put together, builds a more or less complex unit, depending on the customers' requirements. It is possible to install single elements or to combine them in different configurations. If the need of the system increases, it can be easily expanded at any time.

Main Features:

A typical B2K automated uniform management system comprises of:

  • One or several automated clean garment distribution gate(s)
  • One or several automated soiled garment drop-odd bin(s)
  • One or several storage and distribution conveyor(s)
  • Management software.

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“I can’t speak highly enough about our experience of Metalprogetti. The service was quick and efficient, the communication was impeccable and the team that arrived on site to install the machinery were incredibly professional. We ordered a Uniform Conveyor from Metalprogetti and the whole process was smooth and stress-free. The installation took place over a couple of days, which was a lot shorter than we were expecting. As a result, contractors working on the next phase of the project were able to start their work sooner than expected, and the project was completed ahead of schedule, reducing disruption at the hotel.

The conveyor system itself is extremely robust and works incredibly well, especially considering the volume of garments we have on the carousel. We and the whole IHG family very much look forward to working with Metalprogetti in the future. If you’re looking for a friendly and professional supplier with high quality machinery, look no further than Metalprogetti. Without a doubt, we would recommend them to anyone.”

Adam Smith, Director of Engineering, Intercontinental Hotels