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Sorter is the innovative automated system that manages, conveys and arranges hanging garments for the garment industry.

The hanging garment sorting system Sorter receives unordered hanging garments from the production facility or warehouse, compiles and arranges the garments according to the order, then delivers them to the shipping department.

The hanging garment sorting system manages each single garment (an exclusive and patented feature) and allows businesses to fulfil even complex and highly customized orders simply, quickly and accurately.

It communicates directly with the company's management software and the respective departments.

Each hanging garment sorting system is created to suit the client's specific needs and is designed with a modular logic. Normally, one or more cascade sorting systems are put together, some of which can be used to create specific orders, garment by garment. If necessary, it is possible to insert temporary stock lines in the work flow that allow the Sorter to temporarily perform a storage function, for example for storing garments waiting to complete the line items to be divided by client.

Software: can be interfaced with the company's computer system
There's no need to modify the company's computer system: Metalprogetti's software directly interfaces and communicates with the client's software, for improved interaction with the company's other operations.

Individual garment management, traceable at any time.

Thanks to the exclusive individual garment management system, it is possible to identify the exact location of each article at any time. All it takes is a simple click to monitor all of the products.


STEP 1 - Garment loading

  • Automatic loading of garments
  • Identification system: bar code, transponder
  • Garments conveyed to the previously selected accumulation bar, even at different times
  • Optimizes space in the warehouse: arranges garments with the proper spacing, without compressing them, thanks to the automatic identification and occupancy control feature.

STEP 2 – Arrangement of garments for order fulfilment

  • Two subsequent arrangement phases (exclusive patented system)
  • Final sequences on request: by client, by model, by size, by colour, by batch, etc.
    A) Loads onto the first temporary storage line
    B) Passes onto the second and final ordering and arrangement system of the final sequences
  • Sends the arranged and grouped garments to the final accumulation line