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 Automatic Assembly Conveyor


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Automatic Assembly 

The garment order assembly conveyers were created to solve one of the most complex problems facing cleaners and laundry businesses: identifying and ordering the customers garments before returning them. During the various treatment processes, garments are inevitably mixed together and processing times vary based on the garment fabric and type. A time consuming problem requires considerable manpower.

The garment order assembly conveyor is the ideal solution, chosen by more and more companies in the laundry, dry cleaning and manufacturing sector. The system identifies each garment and automatically reassembles orders, without even stopping.

Like all Metalprogetti systems the garment order assembly conveyors are versatile and modular, offering a variety of technical solutions based on the operational need and size of business.

Main Features

Once the garment has been treated, they are loaded into a continuously moving conveyer and are held until other garments in the batch are ready. The operation is fast and random and the items are arranged based on the open slots available. The system automatically detects the arrival and precise location of the individual garments loaded onto the conveyor.

Various identification and marking systems can be used:

  • Permanent bar code
  • Pre-printed bar code
  • Bar codes that can be printed as needed
  • Transponder

When all of the garments in a client's order is ready and loaded onto the conveyor, the system automatically extracts them into a batch. Metalprogetti's automatic extraction device is the only one that selects moving garments, for considerable time-saving and operational advantages.

The system allows a number of unloading options:

  • Directly feeds garments into the automatic bagging machine.
  • Garments arranged in accumulation lines with spacers
  • Binding of garments in each batch.

Automatic Bagging Option

The automatic bagger is an innovative machine that automatically and speedily packs single garments or small batches. It is very versatile and ensures a high productivity as well as being easy to use and maintain.  It is ideal for dry cleaners, laundries, ironing plants and the clothing industry. It can process up to 600 bagged pieces per hour and with effortless replacement of the cellophane real the equipment is versatile to be able to accommodate different widths and cellophane with different thicknesses. The cellophane reel is easily replaced and maintenance of the heating elements is effortless thanks to a special up-and-down mechanism that brings the cylinder down to eye level. The machine uses a minimum amount of space and offers the operator the maximum in the way of user-friendly operation.

The automatic garment bagger can be used on its own or in connection with the Metalprogetti automatic sorting and dispatch systems and it also comes with the option for automatic labelling. Please see below for further information.

Automatic Labelling Machine Option

The system for automatically printing and sticking identification labels onto the cellophane can be installed to speed in identification of bagged garments or garment batches.

This additional solution does not take up any additional space as the device is placed inside the machine cylinder. This means the labelling machine also benefits from the up and down mechanism to allow replacing the label roll can be done at eye level.

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