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Portabiti to handle and store hanging garments

Portabiti is the innovative Metalprogetti dry cleaners conveyor system that handles and stores hanging garments. 

The Portabiti system is the ideal solution, offering a myriad of practical, operating and economic advantages, which can be used in various fields: from dry cleaners to industrial laundries, to cloakroom management services and automatic closet systems.

This truly innovative dry cleaners conveyor system was created through a combination of experience, high quality materials and special construction methods. Portabiti is a unique system consisting in a continuous overhead steel belt, designed to guarantee accurate and precise garment storage.

The PORTABITI dry cleaners conveyor system is easy to install and maintain. Thanks to its modules of various shapes and sizes, it can be installed on several levels. Portabiti by Metalprogetti reduces space requirements and solves logistical problems by adapting to any location it is installed in. What makes Portabiti so unique is its ability to store hundreds of garments in a minimum area while reducing the time it takes to locate individual garments. In fact, garments can be found quickly and easily with either manual controls or an automatic computerized locating system: in this case, using a keyboard, the operator can make the system retrieve the desired articles and position them at an established point.

The use of a continuous band conveyor belt in the Metalprogetti Portabiti dry cleaners conveyor system makes the product unique for its distinctive characteristics of reliability, silent operation and the speed with which the operations are carried out. What's more, the simplicity and reliability of the system's mechanics ensure the flawless operation of its electronic and automatic functions.

C/70 CONTINUO model:
This dry cleaners conveyor system is made with a continuous belt without predetermined positions, which guarantees a certain flexibility and adaptability.
The storage sections where the garments are hung can vary in size, depending on the size of the lots, thanks to the use of special separators (called space dividers).
The continuous belt is perfectly smooth, so moving garments is easy and effortless. The C/70 system is ideal for managing medium to large garment lots.
This is also the perfect solution for dry cleaners that do not need a completely automatic system.

C/70 CASELLE model:
This dry cleaners conveyor system, thanks to its unique flexibility, is the ideal solution for a wide range of space-related problems, especially in cloak-rooms where space is limited.

In addition to the classic one-level conveyors, straight or in various shapes, and rising conveyors in various shapes also, the innovative SPIRAL shapes, designed on two or more levels, takes maxium advantage of the overhead space available.
This special configuration allows the operator to work at eye level, consequently preventing the use of unsafe aids such as ladders, stands or platforms.

The Portabiti solution with the aerial or suspended design, thanks to its special support structure, leaves work areas free and allows for greater installation flexibility by leaving the space and passageways below clear.
The PORTABITI C/70 CASELLE can also be custom-configured to suit the client's particular needs.


The Portabiti dry cleaners conveyor system from Metalprogetti equipped with the AUTOMATIC RESEARCH feature makes it possible to enter the number of the slot to be positioned near the operator. The system then automatically brings the selected slot to the programmed position.

The system also offers the option of entering position lists that correspond to several slots (and thus to several garments), to be recalled one after the other, all with the simple touch of a button.

Thanks to a precise calculation system, Portabiti automatically determines the best rotation direction to establish the shortest route to the desired garment (with the forward and reverse functions). This operating system is also beneficial to the operators since they are free to leave the front desk and perform other tasks, consequently saving money for the business.

The AUTOMATIC RESEARCH system by Metalprogetti is extremely secure and reliable since it is made with components developed with the most advanced industrial technologies.