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Battista - Dry Box

Launched by Metalprogetti at the "Clean Show" in New Orleans in August 2013. The Dry Box is a self-contained system that incorporates the Battista 24h and the Battista Dep in one product. The unit can be placed in a variety of locations to supermarket car parks to hotels or residential complexes.

Battista - Dry Box

It is housed in an elegant, prefabricate structure and the total system comes complete with storage conveyor and dirty clothes collection compartment.

The unit gives customers an automatic garment drop-off and collection 24h a day via a magnetic card 7 days a week.

From a business point of view, it allows you to expand your business and expand you company profile and name, to build different customer bases in different locations. All processing can be done back at your flag ship store and be transferred back to the unit after processing.

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