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The Metalprogetti 24 hour Collection and Drop off System - Battista Combi

The Metalprogetti Battista Combi is the automated garment drop off and collection system that can also be installed outdoors. The idea solution for customers to drop off their dirty garments and pick up their clean garments 24/7 at their convenience

The Battista Combi system is equipped with automatic doors for the deposit of dirty garments and the retrieval of clean garments non-stop, 24 hours a day. It provides maximum security and high performance around the clock. The Combi is a combination of the Battista 24 and Battista Dep all rolled into one system.

Used together with the Battista 24h it provides a complete customer interface system for dropping off and collection of garments 24 hours a day

The system is either operated by the Battista UNI laundry management software or can also be controlled by a third party accredited software solution.  Each of these solutions controls the movement of all incoming and outgoing garments. The touch screen, with instructions that guide the customer through the various steps, and automated bag dispenser supplying a bag to put the garments in, make the system even simpler and easier to use.

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The Battista Combi can be split down into the Battista 24 garment collection system and the Battista Dep garment drop off system if you are only thinking about utilising a single element.

Battista 24h – Collection Solution

The Metalprogetti Battista 24h system allows customers to collect their garments, securely and safely from the outside of your shop 24h a day. This is a particularly valuable option if the majority of your client base work 9 to 5 and normally struggle to get to you within normal working hours. This system gives your clients the flexibility that will make you stand out from the crowd and will encourage repeat custom , without the need for you to be working longer hours.

The system comes with and exterior electronic retrieval device that allows customers to pick up garments automatically 24 hours a day by simply inserting a magnetic card which could for example be a loyalty card or credit card. It allows front desk employees to spend more time with customers who are dropping off dirty garments and speeds up the whole process for all concerned.

Battista Dep – Drop off Solution

The Battista is an automatic device that allows customers to drop off dirty garments any time of the day even when the shop is shut.

Used together with the Battista 24h it provides a complete customer interface system for dropping off and collection of garments 24 hours a day.

This business expansion opportunity is a serious consideration especially if your business is either:

  • Situated within a high professional/ business community.
  • You are finding that there is a growing need within your business for longer opening hours.
  • You are finding that your front of house employees are becoming overwhelmed with customers and your business is reaching full capacity.
  • The majority of your customers find it difficult to shop during normal working hours.

The installation of this system can enable you to expand your business without necessarily the need to employ extra staff, but still increase your productivity and turnover.

If you are looking to expand into a new location but can't find the right premises, take a look at the Dry Box! The Dry Box is the perfect expansion solution, which is self-contained and can be situated in almost any location.